Custom Backing Tracks
Custom Tracks

We have more than 20 years in the backing tracks industry and all those years make a big difference. Knowing all the available recording technologies from the starts of music production until today, plus the years of mixing experience, gives us a bigger panorama about audio production.

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custom backing tracks
Karaoke Download

We have a large catalogue of backing tracks in mp3 format ready to be downloaded. Do you want to visit ou website and listen to them?.

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Your album recording

Are you planning the recording of your first album? Well, recording album it's very easy, and I can help you with that. I can create and do the arrangements for your album, fully orchestrated and instrumented in the style you want.

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We make Custom Backing tracks from scratch. Please send us your music via email doingclick here

We can make any song, any format. We can remove instrumentation, vocals, make changes to transfor the original version of the song to a new one. Our recording studio will provide you with high quality music, recorded instrument by instrument to perfection. We'll improve your sound to a new level.

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