How to record an album

Hey there! My name is Nico, I'm a music producer, and I really want you to know that I can help you with your recording needs.

Do you dream of having your music on spotify?, I mean, would you like to record your own album? I got you covered! I'll arrange, orchestrate, mix and master all your songs from scratch. If you're a music composer let me show you what I can do for you. Listed bellow you'll find a list of songs, the original from the customer and our arrangement. Please take a listen, I can do the same for you.


I got you covered!

How many songs are you planning to produce?

Customer´s song 1

Customer´s song 2

Customer´s song 3

Customer´s song 4

Customer´s song 5

Max-width 100% Here you'll find the original provided by the customer, and our work over that song. Do you want to know the price to make yours? We have not hidden prices. Click here

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

Arrangement 5