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Backing Tracks

We want to explain you how we work and what we do, so that you'll have an idea of what you're gonna get! We make custom backing tracks on demand and we can copy any song of any musical style with an amazing quality. Every time we make a backing track we try to improve the sound giving it a very personal touch so that you can enjoy your performance in a very unique way. We are craftsmen of music and we want to offer you the best option in terms of price, quality of hearing and delivery speed.

We know that your time is important, that's why we offer you a high speed service so you can have your song ready in a week at most. Request the service of accelerated tracks if you need your song in that time frame.

Nico Backing Tracks started as a simple service and today we produce more than 100 songs per month to different singers and producers worldwide. We are the greatest exponents of karaoke since 2000. When you hire our service you know that you are hiring a company with experience and seriousness. The result you'll get will be absolutely satisfactory. If you've never tried to make a karaoke song with us try it! We won't disappoint you. For us, the most important thing is not that you come, but that you come back.

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First of all I want you to navigate across our online store to see if the song you're looking for already exists! This will be a big surprise for you and if it does exist you'll save some money in backing tracks. We have an extensive list of songs to show you.

Over the years we've created approximately 20,000 backing tracks. Visit now and browse our song galleries. You can enjoy thousands of demos and choose your favorite song. Remember, if you don't find the music you are looking for we can make it for you.

Many people get confused and ask us if we can remove the voice from the original song, so we want to be clear and transparent with you about it so you know how we work. Not at all. We do not do that. First of all, is not legal, and also by removing the voice of the original song you get a very bad sound quality. No professional would want something like that!

What we do is something extremely amazing! We create the song from scratch recording instrument by instrument trying to improve the backing track performance so that you receive an original product created especially for you. We can make the custom backing tracks in the tone you want: we can raise or lower the tone of the song as you wish, but we can do this only once since the song is recorded with real instrumentation to provide the maximum sound quality.


backing tracks

Please read our FAQ section for further information and don't hesitate in writing if you need to. We are here to help you almost 24hs a day. If you want to get a quote please click here.