Listen Backing tracks - Recording professional tracks for singers

Of course I have backing tracks to show you! In fact I have more than 20.000 listed songs ready to be immediately downloaded if you want, but I´ll put a few of them here for you to listen to the sound quality. You can listen to the tracks below.

I improve the original references in order to give you the most amazing backing tracks, and for each song to be a masterpiece. Just for the records: I don’t work alone, I make all the songs with top selected musicians, guitarists, singers, and programmers.

A top quality backing track is the one you can play everywhere and sounds excellent! I always make songs having in mind that my customers use them live, at the studio, at home, in the car, and at karaoke parties, so each song must sound perfect. Listen to these examples and remember if you want to request a custom backing track you can do it by requesting a quote.