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Looking to take your singing career to the next level? I've got you covered.

My name is Nico, I'm a musician and a recording enginner with about 20 years of experience in the custom backing tracks industry. In 1999 I started dedicating myself to recording and mixing music for my clients, These are the services I have to offer you:

What if we talk about your project? I'd love to hear about what you have in mind with your music.

Custom Backing Tracks

What do you think if instead off writing about what I can do I show you some demos of my work? Listen to them bellow. ( Please note: These audio files are demos, and they have fade out ending, but the backing tracks I'll do for you will have a proper ending.) These are only 10 songs from more than 20.000 I've created over the years. See my customer reviews.

Atlanta Blue (The Statlers) Backing tracks

Baseball (Michael Franks) backing track

Bright Lights (Mats Radberg & Rankarna) Backing track

Bubble Medley (Michael Bubble) Backing Track

Everlasting arms (11th Hour) Backing Tracks

Guess (Kyan Burns) Custom Backing Tracks

Kick ass Country (Robert Mizzell) Backing Track

Little did I know (Jimmy Bucket) Backing Track

Natural (LAB) Custom Backing Tracks

Smells like teen spirit (Paul Anka) Backing Tracks

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Fast Answers

1 - How much does a custom backing track cost?
The price to make a backing track depends on the genre and song lenght, If you want to know the price to create a custom backing track we'll need to listen to the original audio reference. You can send it via email to in mp3 format. You can also sendme a youtube link.

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2 - Do you sell backing tracks for resellers?
Yes we do! We sell music to resellers, order minimum 1000 backing tracks, if you want to checkout our entire songlist write me to the email
3 - How to purchase backing tracks?
Getting your music is very easy! but first! Before placing any order I'll need to listen to the original song you want me to replicate. Please send me the files to my email and I'll quote.

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4 - How to use your custom backing track to get more gigs and make money?
Getting gigs is hard. It's even harder when you're trying to make it as a singer or entertainer in today's world. You could go the route of getting a manager who will try to get you gigs, but that can take a lot of time and money, and even then you might not get the big break that you need. What if there was another way? What if there was a way for you to use your talent to make money without having to wait for someone else to help you? Well, now there is! With my music, I love to help my clients get more gigs and make money by providing them with the best custom backing tracks so they can become their own manager! Do you know the power our music has when you upload a song to spotify? Have you tried making a music video? When we say custom backing tracks, we mean just that—a song specifically made for your voice and style. I don't work alone, each track is created by one of our professional musicians, who are experienced in creating music for whatever genre or style you are looking for. We have worked with singers ranging from country singers, classical artists, pop name it! Our musicians have even helped some famous people who have used our services!
5 - I need the separated instruments, can you give me the master of the song ( stems )?
Yes, we can give you the master with every instrument in wave format or aiff so you can open the files in your favorite audio editor or in your recording studio. Besides from the master, you will obtain exclusivity and mechanical rights of the song, so the song will be completely yours. And as an extra, you will get the song with the expedited service, which means that this service will take approximately a week to be in your hands.
7 - I need backing tracks without the lead guitar, or without sax, is this achievable?
Of course, we can record every instrument of a song except the ones you desire, so you can play your instrument over the song just as a singer would do. In the same way we don’t replicate the voice, we won’t replicate the instrument you indicate us.
8 - Do you make any discount for quantity of songs?
We offer discounts to our customers via email. If you're in our mail list you'll get offers very soon.
9 - I need the song in various different keys, can you do that?
As we've explained in question number two, we can make songs in any key but we will just make one key by song on demand since we record with real instruments and to change their key we should re-record a lot of instruments again. This is why we charge every key separately. However, consult for this specifically via email because there are many options which we can help you with. It depends a lot on the song and how difficult it is to produce it. Write us an email now. Click here.
10 - I need midi tracks.
We don’t make midi files. We make custom backing tracks with real instrumentation. Replicas of the original in audio format not midi.
11 - Do you have backing tracks already made so I can see the catalog you’ve made?
We use to have it in the past, we're no selling listed music at the moment.
12 - Where can I listen to demos of your work?
clicking here you will be redirected directly to the demos. Also, you can visit the page with comments from our clients by clicking here.
13 - Do your backing tracks have backing vocals?
When a song has vocals from the begining to the end, it doesn't matter if they are 2,3 or 4 singers singing all together, that's not consider backing vocals. It doesn't matter if they has harmonies. When several voices sing the whole song is not backing vocal, it's lead. Duetos are not backing vocals. In those cases, if you want the lead vocals to be recorded you need to request them and will have an extra price.

Custom Backing Tracks

Custom Backing Tracks

We make professional custom backing tracks from scratch, amazing replications from any original song. No matter the music genre, no matter the complexity. Our backing tracks are ranked among the best in the world. Checkout our customer reviews.

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custom backing tracks


We have a large catalogue of backing tracks in mp3 format ready to be downloaded to your desktop. Do you want to visit ou website and listen to them?.

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How to record an album like a professional

We can create and do the arrangements for your album, fully orchestrated and instrumented in the style you want.

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Original music orchestrate and recording

I'll arrange, orchestrate, mix and master all your songs from scratch. If you're a music composer let me show you what I can do for you. Listed bellow you'll find a list of songs, the original from the customer and our arrangement. Please take a listen, I can do the same for you. Quote Yours

Customer´s song 1

Customer´s song 2

Customer´s song 3

Customer´s song 4

Customer´s song 5

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Here you'll find the original provided by the customer, and our work over that song.

Arrangement 1

Arrangement 2

Arrangement 3

Arrangement 4

Arrangement 5