how to change the key of a backing track

How to change the key of my Backing Tracks?

Hello my name is Nico, welcome to this free tutorial for singers. Here you’ll learn how to change a backing track's key so you can sing it in your own vocal record and enjoy it from beginning to end. First of all, you have to know that changing an already recorded song’s key will alter the recording in its whole, and it´s very probable that the sound is not going to be the same as the original. But hey! This will allow you to have fun alone or with friends since you´ll be able to enjoy the song in your tone. Now, if you are a person that works with live backing tracks, I’ll suggest you to order a professional custom backing track specially designed for you in your own vocal record. That way you’ll get a song in your tone and the sound will be suitable for you to use it in a professional show.

Ok, going back to how to change a song’s key, I’ll teach you how to change the tonality of any track. You´ll learn to raise and lower how many tones you want and, the best part, is going to be completely free!

Before starting there’s something I want to teach you: Is not the same to say one tone than one semitone. A tone it´s a complete note and when we talk about raising a tone or lowering a tone we´re talking about transferring the complete musical structure a complete note up or down, but when we are talking about a semitone we´re talking about half a note up or down. We can also say how many STEPS up or how many STEPS down, and when we talk about steps we´re talking about semitones. So, from now on when we´re going to talk about steps, we´re referring to semitones. For example, to clarify this a little bit better, a complete tone would be to go from DO to RE. But a semitone would be to go from DO to DO#.

The first thing you need to do is getting a good backing track. If you haven´t one I´ll recommend you to search for one in our database by cliking here. If you already have a backing track and you want to change it´s key, follow these steps:

Remember that if you want to get a professional backing track the more adequate thing is for you to get a custom backing track and we can help you with that if you want. I know that sometimes you don´t find the track you are looking for and sometimes when you find it it sounds really bad, that´s why we offer you to make your own backing tracks with us from scratch. If you want to get a quote to make a new backing track you can send us an email here nicobackingtracks email. Don´t forget to attach the original song you want to quote so we can hear it and send you a satisfactory answer.

I encourage you to keep on singing and enjoying the music with the greatest excellence. Nico Backing tracks.