How to upload your music to spotify

How to upload your music to Spotify

You've already recorded your album. You have 10 songs, now what? What do you do with your music? Nowadays thanks to social media have surged thousands of resources you can take advantage of to distribute your album. One of them, is Distrokid and we´ll talk about this company and how to upload your music to Spotify.

Surely you've been surfing the net for a while, looking for advice and tutorials to achieve your goal. Being known through your music and that people listen to your songs. I always say the same thing: Is not about being famous, it´s about being successful, and success is that you achieve what you've desired wholeheartedly. We'll talk about Distrokid, what is it? How does it work? How much it costs? Distrokid is a company that publishes on different websites and musical portals (like Spotify) your music so that people get to know you. Distrokid takes care of uploading your music to Spotify.

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You just need to open an account on Distrokid and start uploading your music. On Distrokid you'll find several types of accounts: The personal account is for one artist, a more advanced one is for two artists, and then they have one for five or more for record companies and producers. Once on the website, choose the type of account that suits your possibilities and needs.

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Distrokid offers you the possibility of uploading both a single and an entire album, and the best part is that they won´t touch your money, they'll respect your fees. Distrokid only charges for an annual subscription, so that's why I think is the best.

As you get more and more reproductions you'll see on the bank section your account's incomes and you'll be able to transfer the money to your bank. But for that you need to have many reproductions right? So how you get millions of reproductions on Spotify? Well, that´s for another tutorial later on.

Now, do I upload anything to Distrokid? No! Is about uploading a product you like, if not you're not going to get reproductions. You need to upload well done products.

If you are a composer and you don´t know how to record your album, I'll leave you a link to a section of my website with further information about recording. I can transform your music into a complete masterpiece so you can upload it to Spotify. Many composers put their music in my hands. Go to this link and listen what I can do for you.

Remember that if you want to get a professional backing track we can help you with that. I know that sometimes you don't find the track you are looking for and sometimes when you find it it sounds really bad, that's why we offer you to make your own backing tracks with us from scratch. If you want to get a quote to make a new backing track you can send us an email here nicobackingtracks email. Don't forget to attach the original song you want to quote so we can hear it and send you a satisfactory answer.

I encourage you to keep on singing and enjoying the music with the greatest excellence. Nico Backing tracks.