Professional Backing Tracks - Custom backing tracks, guitars, drums, vocals

Professional backing tracks

We are aware that you want to sound like a professional so we want to give you the best quality possible, not a cheesy production. We have more than 20 years in the music industry and all those years make a big difference. Knowing all the available recording technologies from the starts of music production until today, plus the years of mixing experience, gives us a bigger panorama about audio production.

We use the best technology available in music recording and the best live instrumentation to achieve an optimal sound for your professional backing tracks. We have all kind of guitars, pianos, drums, basses, and the best audio speakers, mixing consoles, pro mics, etc. Also, we use 3 different daws to make our backing tracks.

But who is behind the creation of this amazing songs? Well, Nico of course. He started this business in 1999, but he is not working alone. Over the years more and more customers are hiring our services, so Nico was moved to get some help. Working with the best qualified musicians worldwide Nico makes the best custom backing tracks in the world. We are a team of 4 people with 3 recording studios working specially for you. Get a quotation click here.

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professional backing tracks for singers