background music for videos producers and full time filmmakers

Background music for video producers and filmmakers

Do you need background music for your audiovisual productions? You've come to the right place! Click here to enter to my online royalty free music store. Download all the music for your video productions. VISIT THE STORE.

In this store you'll find many songs ready to be downloaded and used as a musical background for your YouTube videos, productions and more. You can use these songs wherever you want.

My name is Nico and I'm the composer behind every song you'll hear on this store. I make new songs every month in different styles such as wedding music, inspirational, relaxation, and background music for every type of video. You will also find electronic music, dance, beats, and much more, and if thereĀ“s something you can't find on the store you can ask me to make it! I can compose any type of song. Have you entered the store to listen to the demos? If you haven't click here now.

Once you get a song for your videos you are free to use it however you want on any digital platform and you'll be able to monetize your videos without any license problem because, as you've purchased the song on this platform, you are completely authorized to use it however you want. There's only thing you can't do and that is resell the songs or adjudicate yourself the author rights. It's an honor for me that you choose my music for your projects!

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